Team C3

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Welcome to C3!

We are a team comprised of multisport enthusiasts. The club was founded based on our desire to create a totally inclusive environment where members can find a community of like-minded individuals wishing to peruse health and fitness through exercise and sport. Our members are those who enjoy the freedoms of exercise while pool and open water swimming, mountain and road riding, trail and road running, walking, hiking, paddle boarding, cross country skiing, Triathloning, racing, and everything else. Some of our members just enjoy going to lectures and clinics to learn how to improve their nutrition and lifestyle habits. Others enjoy their involvement with behind-the-scenes tasks like maintaining the club website and planning events. In other words, C3 is open to absolutely everyone. We welcome the big and the small, the heavy and the light, the young and the old, the experienced and the novice, the educators and the students, the fast and the not quite so fast (just yet), and everyone else in between. If any of this defines you, you will fit in perfectly!

The club was first established by the Connecticut Cycle Center, LLC, which provides a Computrainer virtual reality cycling studio. Owners Ed Vescovi and Greg Comen began to see an overwhelming number of triathletes coming out of the Branford YMCA beginner triathlon program and looking for an additional space to congregate, a more advanced education, a more defined workout structure, and a community with which to exercise their love for the sport. To fill this need, C3 was formed.

A little later, Vescovi and Comen got in contact with Power On triathlon coach Jon Fecik who had a slightly larger vision for the club. Fecik noticed the vast number of endurance athletes in the greater New Haven area, who, up until now, have not formed into a larger club. Although admirable attempts have been made, there are many reasons why this larger project has yet to occur including the solitary nature of training, the geographic nature of the New Haven area with its suburbs and small towns (in contrast to a larger metropolitan area like NYC or DC), and the lack of time and energy required to form a larger organization with corporate and national sponsors.
That said, we believe that forming into one club will benefit our members, communities, and sponsors by unifying resources and reaching out to even more athletes in the greater New Haven area. Using our knowledge, time, and energy we have made it our goal to build this worthwhile project. With the help of C3 members, we will accomplish our mission:

To serve the larger New Haven community as the premier multisport club, committed to the development of endurance sports; cultivating a space for athletes to train, compete, and grow together; educating athletes so they can be the athlete they want to be and live the life they want to live; providing athletes with further opportunities to improve through coaching, clinics, and camps; and supporting our local and national communities, sponsors, races, and other events; all the while, promoting an active lifestyle.

We plan to do this by allowing you to take control of your destiny. We will provide you with the opportunity to connect, learn, build, commit, and preserve your health, fitness, and performance.


Come to C3 to explore, integrate, and connect to like-minded people who want to improve their health, fitness, and performance. C3 is first and foremost a group that will support you in your journey to achieve your individual goals. Build your community, the network that will help you succeed, here!


Come to C3 to learn from other members and club coaches. We have experienced coaches that will provide you with the most recent, cutting edge information about health, fitness, and performance. Club lectures, camps, and clinics will provide you with the information you need to move confidently in the direction of your dreams.


Come to C3 to build your base: construct sustainable mental, nutritional, fitness, and training solutions to have the health that you want to have and to live the life you want to live.


Use C3 to commit to your mental, nutritional, and physiological goals. Come out to the group events to build your confidence, to gain more control over your skills and approaches.


Become a part of a community that will help you preserve your active lifestyle. Life gets chaotic. This group will help you stay on track as you pursue your goals.

With all this said, this is YOUR club! CREATE THE EXPERIENCE YOU WANT TO CREATE!

Email us with any questions

Jon Fecik – USAT certified Triathlon Coach

Ed Vescovi

Greg Comen