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Indoor Cycling

Currently the market is being saturated with indoor trainer options. Computrainer® continues to be the longest standing and most proven to increase your cycling power. Combined with ErgVideo® and our CyclePower Analytics® software there is no better training system available.


Every individual is different. We do not offer a generic program. Our coaches will build you a training plan based on your physiology, goals, experience, and time restraints. We do not limit e-mail contact. Whenever you have a question we will be there for you.


Not all bike rentals are the same. In fact, most of them are not good quality. CCC breaks this trend by treating every rental bike like our own personal ride. All of the bikes are high quality. They are regularly tuned up and any sign of wear is immediately replaced.

Team C3

The club was founded based on our desire to create a totally inclusive environment where members can find a community of like-minded individuals wishing to peruse health and fitness through exercise and sport.

Spinning vs Computrainer

spinning vs computrainer

"Spinning" is great for your health. It's good anaerobic training and fun. But the downfalls for cyclists and triathletes are many. You can't use your own bike which changes your position putting you at risk for injury, the workouts are typically intense with no structure or seasonal changes, and there is no way to measure your increase in cycling fitness.

For individuals who own a bike and ride outside there is a much better alternative, Computrainer! Riding Computrainer over the cold months will put you way ahead of the game come spring. You can use your own bike, build a cycling base and increase intensity come late winter, as well as easily track your performance gains. CCC offers 18 Computrainer units in a non-competitive, beginner friendly environment.

Instead of "spinning" your way through winter ride Computrainer! We guarantee results come spring!!! CCC is the only Indoor Cycling Studio on the CT Shoreline that offers the most proven method of Cycling training-Computrainer!

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