Every individual is different. We do not offer a generic program. Our coaches will build you a training plan based on your physiology, goals, experience, and time restraints. We do not limit e-mail contact. Whenever you have a question we will be there for you. This philosophy builds a relationship between coach and client that goes beyond a training plan. It builds familiarity, trust, and a lasting bond that will drive you towards achieving your goals.

6 Week Lecture and Cycling Technique Course

Training effectively is the key to achieving your health, fitness, and performance goals. This course is specifically designed for cyclists or triathletes who want to learn more about how to train and ride
effectively. The course will be broken down into two components. The first component is a 15 minute presentation on that week’s topic (see topics below). This will be delivered as riders warm up on their bikes. The second component is practical. We will take the information we learn from the presentation and apply it to our cycling. We will also incorporate technique work by learning how to properly perform high cadence, over gear, and one leg drills. When you complete this course you will be more
knowledgeable about the basic concepts of cycling and feel more comfortable with your cycling skills. And, of course, you will get in a good workout during each session!

Coach Jon Fecik will be running the course. He is a USA Triathlon and USA Cycling Certified Coach, has 7 years of coaching experience, has a BS in Health Science from Quinnipiac University, and is a Professional Triathlete.

 The course will be held on Wednesdays from 6:30pm-7:30pm, as well as Saturdays from 10:30am-11:30am, January 21th-February 28th.

There are 18 slots available. Non-member pricing is $150 for the 6 week package and $30/individual session. For Cycle Center members, the pricing is only $99 for the 6 week package and $25/individual session. For Power On Coached athletes, please e-mail coach Jon for additional discounts.

We expect these workshops to fill fast!  You can pay for your workshops at the link below using the Paypal buttons in the Coached Workshops section.  Once we see your payment come in we will contact you to reserve your spot!  Please know what day you prefer.

Course Topics

Week1: Understanding Your Own Training Zones
Week 2: Training with Technology- How to use HR, Power, Perceived Effort, and the Computrainer to
train effectively
Week 3: Nutrition 101 for Cyclists and Triathletes
Week 4: Recovery and Rest
Week 5: Strength Training On and Off the Bike
Week 6: Mental Skill for a Training Ride or Race

Triathlon Coach Jon Fecik’s Bio

Jon FecikJon has been a triathlete for over 10 years and lives and breaths the sport. The sport changed his life because he’s learned to think as an athlete. “Living as an athlete isn’t simply participating in a sport, training for 30 hours a week or completing the Ironman World Championship–although I’ve done these things” states Jon, “rather, it’s a life approach. It requires a relentless awareness of the body, mind, and environment and a willingness to live and adapt, rest and grow.”

Presently, Jon’s enjoying the change from Ironman to the short course distance racing. He’s focusing on speed, racing the 5150 series, and working towards a pro card.

Jon also enjoys the coaching side of the sport. “There’s nothing quite like seeing the individuals I coach grow as athletes and human beings” says Jon. He is a USAT certified coach and received a BS in Heath Science Studies–with a focus in exercise physiology and the aging process–a BA in English from Quinnipiac University, and a Masters in English from Duquesne University. He strongly believes that his education sets him a part from many other coaches: “My foundation allows me to educate my athletes about themselves from an acute, biological point of view, helping to prevent sickness and injury”. Jon is presently working as a professional triathlon coach in Branford, CT. Read his blog at and find him on Facebook.