I have been seen on the road for a number of years… on foot… running. Cycling intimidated me and so I avoided it until race days. I would show up for a sprint triathlon, stay in one gear and hammer away at the hills. I would get passed and I would pray that my run time would carry me through to the podium. This plan worked at times but it wasn’t fun. Then I went to the Connecticut Cycle Center. After a threshold test, I was riding with a group that challenged me without leaving me in the dust at the side of a lonely road. I learned to shift gears and optimize my bicycle. I grew stronger and the sessions felt easier. This translated into success at duathlons, sprints, and 70.3 triathlons. The ultimate test of my improvement came in August when I competed in the Boulder Ironman. My work at CCC paid off with a 6:16:25 bike time that surprised even me. I was comfortable on the hills and the flats, channeling the spirit that the team brings to every workout. Finishing at the top of my age group felt like a fluke but I know that I have to thank (in part) those computrainers and the people who motivate us to see their power. Thanks CCC! I’m forever hooked. – Amy Steffen (Madison)

After years of just running, I decided it was time to try something different; I wanted to challenge my body in a different way so I decided to do the First Y Tri program offered through my local YMCA. It was an amazing experience; I completed my first sprint triathlon knowing it would not be my last. So I learned enough about triathlons to know that in order to be competitive, I would have to spend more time on a bike. I had very little riding experience and generally stayed in the same gear, most of all, I was fearful of traffic and getting hit. I needed some guidance and it was then that I discovered the Connecticut Cycle Center. I was hooked from the start!! I love the idea of having a threshold test which forces me to work to my greatest potential during each session…there’s no cheating! Using CompuTrainer, I quickly learned how to ride more efficiently through the use of all my gears and the purpose of doing different intervals to improve my power and strength. The data provided by CompuTrainer makes it easy to measure progress and acknowledge areas of weakness. In a very short period of time, I was able to see an overall increase in performance on the bike. The benefits of being a CC member and using the Computrainer became most evident when I completed the Patriots ½ Ironman in MA this past summer; I surpassed my own expectations with a bike time of 2:47:43. I could not have achieved this accomplishment without the encouragement and support from the coaches and friends I’ve made at CC. It’s the place to ride!!

Marcie Brainerd, RD, CDE
Diabetes Health Coach

I just wanted to take a second and thank you and Connecticut Cycle Center for helping me out during this past (brutal) winter training season.  I was very nervous to be racing a half ironman March 16 in Mexico after having done the majority of my training indoors and all of my hard efforts at CCC, especially since the majority of women against whom I had to race were from warm climates.  Well, I won my age group and was the second female age grouper overall (beating some of the pros!) and held my own on a very technical and windy bike course.  There is no doubt that the result is due in large part to CCC as I was able to emulate my heart rate during the “Tuesday night race series” where I also got a chance to ride in aero.  Without CCC, I am sure I’d have lost too much ground on the bike segment to have been able to win.  What an amazing facility to have in CT.  Thank you VERY much.  I took my spot to the half ironman world championships in Canada this year and will be SURE to do my training at CCC even when it is warm!

Amanda Lawrence Rossolimo

Ed and Greg,

I just wanted to let you guys know that the tri kits are really comfortable and look great. I did a sprint tri last weekend in New York and I got many compliments on the kit. I also placed 3rd overall and put down the fastest bike split of the day over 18 miles. Not sure if the kit gave me the speed but I do think training and riding with you and everyone at the CCC is pretty damn effective. Thanks.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for keeping me informed of openings.  I can’t make it tonight, but if tomorrow’s Thursday night ride is a wash out then I’d be interested in a slot.  I’ll coordinate tomorrow.
BTW – definitely added strength during the off season at CCC.  Others have noticed.  I sprint faster, have more ”short burst” power to stay on the wheel or close gaps (if the guy in front of me gets gapped) and can power at the top of climbs.  My aerobic capacity needs work and I’m about 5 pounds over my ideal ride weight (after factoring in the added muscle mass).  I’m spreading the word.

Hi Ed and Greg,
I did an olympic tri yesterday in VT…my bike averaged 17.2 mph!!! (28 mile double loop, rolling hills, 1 decent climb) When I started at the CT Cycle Center almost a year ago 12-13 mph average was about it! Once again, thanks for starting your “on the side business”…never would have accomplished this without the weekly rides and energy from both of you and the gang!
Have a great day!

 The CT Cycle Center workouts really do work!
 On Monday I did a 62 mile ride in the Rocky Mountain foothills outside of Fort Collins, Co.
There were lots of multi-mile climbs at 8 – 12% grades.
My aerobics and legs were strong for the first 50 miles.
 After that my legs were tired, however, they still had enough power left to get me over 2 more long climbs.
 I gave my legs a rest yesterday, and I’m going out to do some more climbing today.
  Keep cranking!

“The bike rental and service from Greg at the CT Cycle Center was outstanding. The bike I rented was practically brand new and very well maintained. Greg even printed out some routes for me since I was from out of town and not very familiar with the area. Good people.”

-Pete Durfee, Columbus, OH